Inspiration from a spider web

Beauty can be found all around us. We just have to stop and look at it. For example, when was the last time you stopped to look at a spider web? It really is a thing of beauty. Water hugs the intricate strands as it dances in the breeze. It’s amazing. And it’s functional.

A spider web can inspire our creative juices. The water reflects the sunshine, it looks like sequence. Voila! Upcycle a t-shirt  by adding sequence. The shape of the web looks like a shawl. Why not knit or crochet a lacy shawl.

That’s a little bit of how my creative mind works. Besides having a creative side, I also have a technical side. These two sides may seem opposite. What does technology have to do with sewing? The answer is creative design.

I love all things creative. Be it designing a new website or making new jewelry, I think it’s all about being creative. So my purpose is to join with others who love doing more than one thing. I’m not going to list all my hobbies, the list would be too long. I’m not bragging because some of my hobbies I don’t do very well. I mention it because I like trying new things.

For example, I recently decided to learn how to make Irish lace. I must admit, I had quite a learning curve. But now I love it. It helps me express my creative elegant side. If I had started this blog a few months ago, you would have gotten the blow by blow steps of my attempts and failures at lace making. And of course, you would get to see the final piece. Which I am happy to say,  will be appearing on my niece’s wedding dress in October!

My journey through this blog will focus on creative projects and resources.  I may even throw in a few recipes. Because I love being creative with food and trying new flavor mash-ups.

So let the creativity flow.


Author: Cynthia

I am a creativoholic. I love creating things, anything. By creating I mean making, building, sewing, and programming. Creating things to me means coming up with an idea and applying various techniques to accomplish it.

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