Top 3 gripes about online articles.

I love to write. I have several stories that I started when a topic inspired me, but most are unfinished. It seems like my other creative projects pull me away. Some days, I’m just not inspired to write, or I  have so many other chores to do that I just can’t take the time to write. So I spend the day pondering over the story plot or characters.  Other days, I can write all day and on into the night.

None of my writing has ever gotten much notice. My goal is to learn how to get my blog (or any of my other stories) noticed, or even better to make some money with my writing. This means I have to learn about how to promote myself online. Making money as a blog writer would be my dream job because I love writing. NOT because people promote it as an easy way to get rich. So far I’ve learned that it takes patience, time and skill. And mostly that it is not a get rich quick way to earn a living. Besides, I’m not after get rich quick, I’m after doing what I love and making a modest living  at it.

I’ve searched several sites on the topic of how to promote and make money blogging. Some of the sites look like ‘get rich quick’ schemes. I did find some that have good information. At least from my beginner level experience, it seems like good information. There’s so much information about how to make money blogging, that I decided to start evaluating the sites based on a few criteria (my 3 gripes).

First, I know that typos are a common occurrence online, but why? There are so many spell checker apps available that no one should ever have a typo. I think that if the site owner wants to look professional, she/he should run a quick spell check through the article.

Second is sort of related to spelling, it’s grammar. The spell checker may not find any misspelled words but that doesn’t mean the article is error free. I’ve seen several articles that contain “I’m am” or “I’ve have” it in.  Also in this section, I include using the wrong words, spelled correctly, but misused in the sentence. Like using the word pain instead of the word pane. As in  “Look at my dirty window pain”.  Little mistakes like that make an article difficult to read, at least for me. I’m thinking more about the errors than I am the information presented.

Third, I’ve come across some sites that have terrific information, to start with. Then in order to find out all the real details, I find out I have to pay for it. That to me is a bait and switch technique. I’m sure it works, and those people probably make a lot of money doing it. But I don’t want to make money that way. If the information is for sale, tell me upfront. Don’t suck me into reading 5 pages of material, hinting that the answers are coming. And then tell me I have to pay for it. I hate wasting my time that way.

It doesn’t take much to re-read an article. Most of the time the articles are not that long. And if it is, maybe it’s a good idea to have a friend or co-worker read it over before it’s published. Or better yet, use a spell and grammar checker.

My top three gripes about online articles.

  1. Misspelled words
  2. Incorrect Grammar
  3. Bait and Switch tactics

What do my top 3 gripes about online articles have to do with learning how to make money blogging? It tells me 3 things that make a good article.

  1. An article has to be professional, no mistakes.
  2. It has to be easy to read.
  3. It has to give the reader good information.

My quest to learn about promoting my blog will continue. It will take some time before I can say “I write (or blog)  for a living”. And probably even longer to actually write articles that avoid my 3 gripes and incorporate 3 things that make a good article.

Stay tuned for all the steps I take and things I learn on my way to learning how to make money blogging.




Author: Cynthia

I am a creativoholic. I love creating things, anything. By creating I mean making, building, sewing, and programming. Creating things to me means coming up with an idea and applying various techniques to accomplish it.

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