3 Key Things From #HootEssentials

One of my goals is to  learn about blogging, tweeting, and social media  from a business standpoint. Most of us have a FaceBook page, so we are already part of social media. But it seems different when I’m looking at it from a business viewpoint. Here are the 4 steps I need to learn to become successful at blogging.

  1. How to find people to read my blog.
  2. How to incorporate Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to grow my audience.
  3. How to keep people coming back to my blog.
  4. How to earn money from my blog. – That’s my ultimate goal!

Today I watched a webinar to learn more about social networking #HootEssentials. It was really great!  Here’s a snapshot of the 3 key things I need to learn how to do. The focus of these 3 things was for Instagram. But I think it applies to building an online audience as well.



Author: Cynthia

I am a creativoholic. I love creating things, anything. By creating I mean making, building, sewing, and programming. Creating things to me means coming up with an idea and applying various techniques to accomplish it.

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