About Me

I am a creativoholic. I love everything about creating things, anything. By creating I mean making, building, sewing, cooking, programming and writing (my Fav). Creating things to me means coming up with an idea and applying various techniques to accomplish it. I’d rather make it than buy it. But it has to look good.

My life has been a hodgepodge of different jobs and hobbies. I started out as a music major, due to hearing loss, I changed my majors and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art.

After graduating I worked in photography for 10 years.  I did volunteer work for 3 years. Then I worked in the corporate world for almost 10 years as a commercial loan officer.

Wow, what a diverse path in life. I didn’t know it back then, but everything I’ve done in my life has revolved around creativity. How, you may ask, is commercial lending creative? Commercial lending requires creativity in writing loan proposals. That’s right, creativity because no one wants to read a boring loan proposal. 

Due to health issues, I quit the corporate rat race. What creative thing did I do then? I wrote a book and became a public speaker.I am a published writer. I also have articles published in these magazines:

Illinois Banker, Network Marketing Business Journal,  The Federal Credit Union,  Minorities and Women in Business, AWCI’s Construction DimensionsAssociate SourceAquaBusiness CreditBuilding SavvyCoatings ProIsland Sun TimesLinkNative American Casino,  NHFA Home Furnishings RetailerProfessional Door DealerOpportunity WorldSkin DeepSpringsThe Real Estate Professional.

So what do I do now? I write, design websites, and develop apps. That’s a far cry from my first interest in music and art. But not really, because it all involves creativity. Designing something, anything – be it a painting or a loan proposal or website content, it all needs creative thinking. If we didn’t think creatively, everything would be the same. Boring.

My hobbies include making handmade lace, beading, quilting, jewelry, painting, cooking, and above all -learning. Learning new things is the pinnacle of being creative. (It’s difficult to be creative when you don’t know anything.)

There I am all wrapped up with a bow.

Do something creative today