For the love of writing

When I was young I liked to write poems. I played the guipen-543858_640tar so I even tried to put some of them to music. Tried being the key word here.  In college, I finally took a writing class. This helped me to see that I was actually hooked on writing. Back then, (I won’t tell you how many years ago, that should be some indication that it’s been a long time!) I loved the creativity of writing a poem or short story. I learned the rules of writing and I felt free to express myself through the written word.

I’ve always had some sort of story plot running through my brain. I started writing longer stories. I love the entire process of writing a novel. The creativity of a new story idea. Developing the characters throughout the plot twists. It’s just plain fun! 

I have written and published a book. But it wasn’t fiction. The title is “Who Else is You? How to reduce your risk of becoming an identity theft victim”. It is a pragmatic guide. It started out as the course guide when I was presenting seminars on the topic of identity theft. The information is still good, but the web links in it are all outdated. And there are new methods identity thieves have come up with to steal your who-else-is-you-cover-photoidentity and your money.

I have been contemplating updating “Who Else is You?” into an e-book. That way I can keep the links and methods up to date. I can also send updates to anyone who buys it. But my heart keeps going back to my unfinished novels. I currently have five novels in various stages of development. This is probably true of many writers. I also have three short stories that are not quite finished. I know, what’s up with not finishing a short story?  Isn’t that the point of it, it’s short? More on that another day.

I write for awhile, then I put it away and ponder over the plot and characters. Sometimes it’s good to put down a story for awhile, then go back and read it with fresh eyes. I did this with the first novel I started. Actually, I got busy with life and didn’t look at it for over a year. When I did go back and read it, it actually made me laugh. And that’s exactly what I wanted. This story is a comedy mystery and I want my readers to laugh at it.  So I guess at least that chapter is good. Now I just have to decide whether to take up my research for that story again or start research on my newest novel in progress.

Research? You ask. Yes, research. If you want to write a really good book, you’ll have to do some type of research. Unless that is, you are writing about your own hometown area and people you know and topics you know inside and out. Even writing an autobiography may need research on details of areas or events from the past that may have been forgotten. Research makes a story believable. If it’s not believable, readers won’t respect your writing.

As I write this blog, my mind keeps going to my latest novel. It is the one I am most passionate about finishing.  So I ask myself, should I put each chapter, or sections of chapters, on my blog. I don’t know if any of you are interested in reading it or giving feedback about the plot or characters. I may wait until I have more of it finished, then ask again.

Writing is a personal thing. Lots of people write poems or stories that no one ever reads. Maybe the writer is embarrassed or afraid people won’t like it. It doesn’t matter. If you love to write, then you should write. Even if you never finish a story or the fact that nobody else reads them. It’s the action of writing that’s enjoyable.

Writing can be therapeutic. It helps to get our mind off the stresses of the day. It can take us to places we’ve never been. (But you should still do the research so the details are accurate!) For me, writing can be like a movie that plays in my head. I have to keep writing in order to find out what happens next.

Blogging is a great way people can express themselves through writing. But there are so many people who write a blog just for the sake of writing a blog. It has typos, incorrect grammar,  and just bad phrasing. It’s like they don’t read what they’re typing. And for sure they don’t proof read it before they hit the publish button.

And I’m not talking about just the average bloggers. I’ve seen huge mistakes on big company blogs. Multi-million dollar companies that can’t correctly write a blog article, that’s just wrong.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox about poorly written blogs and now I’ll get back to writing my novel.

Oh, and if you were tripped up with the title of my book “Who Else is You?” it’s not incorrect. The point of the title is based on the fact that if your identity is stolen, then someone else is out there presenting themselves as you. Thus the question, “Who Else is You?” Get it now?

Creatively Speaking,